S 460N Steel Plates

Tensile strength of 520-670 Mpa and yield strength of 66.71 ksi define their usage in critical environs; we supply EN 10025:3 S460 structural steel plates in normalized or rolled and normalized conditions. Some standard symbols used to refer IS 2062 E460 C Steel plates are :

S –Structural Steel
460 –minimum yield strength
N/ NL/– material toughness
Q – Quenched
R – Thermo-mechanically rolled

S 460N Steel Plates is a high vigor construction steel that has been normalized and is excellent for situations where a tough vigorous strong structural steel is required. It additionally has ameliorated toughness at low temperatures.
S 460N Steel Plates have numerous features like high performance and vigor and possess properties that avail with welding, fabrication, and formability. S 460N Steel Plates are available from stock; however, all S 460N steel plates can be cut into different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses according to our customer needs.

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