ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings Elbow, A860 WPHY 65 Eccentric Reducer, A860 WPHY 65 Concentric Reducers, A860 WPHY 65 Reducing Tee, A860 WPHY 65 Equal Tee, A860 WPHY 65 End Cap

WPHY stands for Wrought High Yield Vigor as its feature and grade itself suggest its high yield vigor. ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings are generally utilized at High-Pressure requisites. This designation covers wrought high-vigor low-alloy ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings of seamless and electric fusion-welded construction. The ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings designation fittings are made from wrought high vigor but low carbon alloyed stainless steel. The major contents of the ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings material are carbon. nickel, chromium, molybdenum, manganese, and copper. Besides these elements, this carbon predicated alloy contains trace quantities of metals like titanium, niobium, vanadium, sulphur, silicon, and phosphorus. These metal elements give the alloy predicated stainless steel incremented mechanical properties and avail them have incremented bearing capacity to function in extreme and astringent environmental conditions.

ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings

ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings are kenned to distribute exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the authoritative ordinances. We offer a broad range of ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Carbon Steel High-Strength Pipe Fittings through an ecumenical network of stock-keeping branches.
ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings is cost-efficacious due to the incremented durability, which in turn elongates their accommodation life. Another property of the MSS-SP 75 gr WPHY 65 fittings is their precise dimensions. The surface of the ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings is smooth and impeccable as the surface is treated by coating. Ebony oil paint, anti-corrosion oil, anti-rust oil, or transparent oil can be habituated to coat the surface. If required, ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings can be surface treated with sultry galvanization, which makes the fittings more resistant to corrosion.

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The chemical and mechanical requirements of ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings are as below:

Chemical Analysis:


Physical Analysis & Impact Test:

 0.2 % / YS
( Mpa)
( Mpa)
IMPACT TEST (-46 Deg C ) 
Specimen SizeOBS. VALUE IN (J)AVG.(J)
Min.45053020-27 J30J

ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Fittings Specification:

StandardASTMA860 MSS SP-75
GradeWPHY 65 fittings
DimensionsANSI/ASME B16.9, B16.9, MSS-SP-75
WPHY 65 fittings TypeSeamless / Welded / Fabricated WPHY 65 fittings
Wall thickness SCH10, SCH20, SCH30, STD, SCH40, SCH60, XS, SCH80, SCH100, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS available with NACE MR 01-75
WPHY 65 fittings Size Range ½" NB to 120" NB, Seamless ½” to 24”, Welded ½” to 120”, Two Joint / Two Halve Fittings 6” to 48”
WPHY 65 fittings DimensionsANSI/ASME B16.9, B16.28, MSS-SP-43.
Bending RadiusR=1D, 2D, 3D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D or Custom
MSS SP75 WPHY 65 Material
fittings, pipe fittings, Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Caps
Surface treatmentsand blasting, Sand Rolling, Sand Blasting
Applicable Standards for WPHY 65 fittings•ASME B 16.9 for large Bore WPHY 65 fittings
•ASME B 16.11 for small Bore WPHY 65 fittings (socket welded)
•ASME B 16.25 for A860 WPHY 65 butt weld ends
•ASME B 16.28 for small radius A860 WPHY 65 elbow
Types of ASTM A860 WPHY 65 MaterialLong Radius Elbow, Short Radius Elbow, Pipe Elbows, Bend, Long Radius Bends, Piggable Bends, Tee, Equal Tee, Concentric Reducer, Con Reducer, Reducing Tee, Cross, Reducer, Ecc Reducer, Eccentric Reducer, Pipe
Application & usesPetroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, etc

ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Elbow Fittings:

ASTM A860 WPHY65 elbow manufacturer
ASTM A860 WPHY65 elbow/ bend size: Seamless:1/2″-30″

Welded 65 Fittings: 12″-72″ (or as customer requirements)

ASTM A860 WPHY65 elbow/ bend degree: 45 deg, 90 deg

API 5L X65 elbow/ bend thickness: Schedule 10S, SCH 20, SCH 30, and SCH 40

API 5L X65 Fittings standard: ASME B16.9, MSS SP-75

ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Tee:

Manufacturer of ASTM A860 Carbon Steel Grade 65 welding reducing tee

Butt Welded Steel Tee

Carbon Steel Grade 65 Tee Fittings Size: 1/2″-72″DN15-DN1800

Tee Fittings Dimension Tolerance: ±12.5%

Tee Fittings Standard: ISO. ANSI. JIS. DIN GB/ T12459 GB/T13401 ASME B16.9

Carbon Steel Grade 65 Tee Fittings Packaging: Wooden Cases or wooden pallet or as per customers requirement

Tee Fittings Applications range: Petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, etc.

ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Eccentric/Concentric Reducer:

ASTM A860 Carbon Steel WPHY65 Eccentric Reducer

WT: sch40/ std / sch80/ thick-wall
Eccentric/Concentric Reducers

ASTM A860 WPHY 65 END Cap:

ASTM A860 Grade 65 Pipe Cap

Cap Pipe fittings

Fittings Standard: ANSI ASTM ASME JIS BS MSS DIN etc.

Fittings Size: 1/2’’~48’’ (Seamless); 16’’~72’’ (Welded)

Fittings Wall thickness: Sch5~Sch160\ XXS

Fittings Material: ASTM A860 Gr 65

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