ASTM A335 P91 Pipes

ASTM A335 P91 Pipes is a chrome-moly alloy metal that contains excellent vigor and temperature resistance. It is designed for enhanced creep vigor, making it a creep vigor enhanced ferritic (CSEF). This metal is made by normalizing at 1050 °C, air cooling to 200 °C, and then tempered through heating to 760 °C. This process is the main reason behind ASTM A335 P91 Pipes creep vigor and durability. P91 stands for the metal’s composition of 9% chrome and 1% molybdenum plus vanadium. The chrome increases temperature vigor and oxidation resistance. The molybdenum increases the elasticity, resistance to wear, and high temperature creep vigor.
The Material ASTM A335 P91 Pipes is utilized in power generation, gas processing equipment, boilers, heaters, and reheater lines, and in most oil accommodations. The welding of the pipes needs preheating of the pipes. Additionally, post-baking is an optional procedure for these pipes. The material withal has to be cooled below 100 degrees Celsius after welding afore application.

ASTM A335 P91 Pipes

The most useful properties of ASTM A335 P91 Pipes, which make them efficient include features like enhanced strength, toughness, hardness, hardenability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and hot hardness and our product has been manufactured to provide them all.

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ASTM A335 P91 Pipes Specifications

ASTM A 335

ASTM A335 P91 Pipes Chemical Properties:

C, % MN, % P, % S, % SI, % CR, % MO, % V, % N, % NI, % AL, %
0.08-0.12 0.3-0.6 0.02 max 0.01 max 0.2-0.5 8.0-9.5 0.85-1.05 0.18-0.25 0.03-0.07 0.4 max 0.04 max

ASTM A335 P91 Pipes Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength, MPa Yield Strength, MPa Elongation, % Hardness, HB
585 min 415 min 20 min 250 max

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