ASTM A182 F11 Flanges, Carbon steel A182 F11 Blind Flanges ( BLRTJ ), A182 F11 Carbon steel Weld Neck Flanges ( WNRF ),A182 F11 Carbon steel Weld Neck Flanges ( WNRTJ ),A182 F11 Carbon steel Socket Weld Flanges ( SORF )

We are the makers of Carbon Steel ASTM A182 F11 Flanges, ASTM A182 F11 Flanges refers to the material of carbon and alloy steel pipe flanges, fittings, valves and parts for high pressure liquid transmissions. The ASTM A182 F11 Flanges can be furnished in carbon steel, low alloy steel or alloy steel. The ASTM A182 F11 Flanges can be furnished in carbon steel, low alloy steel or alloy steel. They are used in conjunction with a stub end, the benefit of using ASTM A182 F11 Lap Joint Flanges is that there will be no issues with regards to the alignment of the bolt hole.

ASTM A182 F11 Flanges

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Specifications of ASTM A182 F11 Flanges

This specification covers forged or rolled alloy and stainless steel pipe flanges, forged fittings, and valves and parts for high-temperature service. After hot working, forgings shall be cooled to a specific temperature prior to heat treatment, which shall be performed in accordance with certain requirements such as heat treatment type, austenitizing/solution temperature, cooling media, and quenching. The materials shall conform to the required chemical composition for carbon, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, columbium, titanium. The material shall conform to the requirements as to mechanical properties for the grade ordered such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, Brinell hardness. All H grades and grade F 63 shall be tested for average grain size.
ASTM A182 F11 Flanges belongs to the pressure vessel designation. The flanges can come under different sizes ranging from ½ inches to 48 inches depending on the standard of the flange.

Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
205 415 20 %

ASTM A182 F11 Blind Flanges (BLRF):

The blind flanges are a special type of flanges because they terminate a pipeline at the connection point. Our Carbon Steel Blind Flanges are mostly used to seal the end or opening of a pipe.

ASTM A182 F11 Blind Flanges (BLRTJ):

The raised face in the Grade F42 Steel BLRTJ Flanges does not serve as any part of the sealing in the pipe. Used in quick assembly to save the cost, these are also used in less strict requirements in terms of length of pipe section.

ASTM A182 F11 Weld Neck Flanges (WNRF / WNRTJ):

These are mainly used on heat coupling of pipes when there is possibility of expansion of the section while bending stress on the coupling. These pipe flanges are attached by welding the pipe to the neck of the flange.

ASTM A182 F11 Socket Weld Flanges (SORF):

ASTM A182 F11 Socket Weld Flanges provides easy access to a piping system for purposes like cleaning, inspection or modification in addition to forming the system. The Socket Welding Flange is attached to the pipe by a fillet weld around the hub of the flang.

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