Variants of material test reports and certifications are specifications under EN10204, which is a Euronorm (issued by the European Community). It contains no requirement that is relative to genuine material requisites of the standard. Surveillance at the metallurgical lab to witness the supplemental testing of the material indispensable is done by the ABS surveyor, to verify compliance with the specifications. The intermediate material handler will be visited by the ABS surveyor to carry out the verification of the material if it meets the product specification and the customer’s purchase order requisites, then a Survey Report will be issued.

The most prevalent reference is to a 3.1 type certification (3.1 is the paragraph number within EN10204 that describes the content). Report of test results on a lot of material in question, performed by a laboratory (often operated by the mill itself), which is independent of the personnel when the material is produced genuinely is A 3.1 certification, which is a basic mill test report. Results of a 3.1 certification will stay the same even if it were sent to an independent laboratory for testing the specifications. It’s just a source for it to be tested twice to achieve the same result.

EN10204 defines a 3.2 certification as:

Generally, for exports of giant equipment, pressure equipment, and other products EN10204-3.2 certification is required to ascertain to the customers that products meet the European material specifications. To prove that the raw materials used comply with European norms, the EN10204-3.2 certificate is required to be provided by raw material suppliers. Be it any metal materials, such as steel products, welded components, and other products, it has to be EN10204 certified. If requisites of the order in which test results are supplied in compliance with proper proof, the documentation of the declaration of both the manufacturer’s sanctioned inspection representative, independent of the manufacturing department and the purchaser’s sanctioned representative or the inspector designated by the
official regulations will be recognized.

European Sanctioned Bodies in the US that provide 3.2 certifications have been contacted. Their response is that true 3.2 certification is not possible for material that is stocked to commercial standards without a 3.2 certification issued by the mill at the time of distribution. Only a mill can issue 3.2 certification is what they speak. Only when testing has been witnessed at the mill by an Authorized Body can do so.

Range of 3.2 Certified Pipes by Rexal Tubes India