carbon steel pipe

Carbon steel pipe is used as the baseline of bimetallic consolidation tubing, which has an interior liner made out of hardened steel, titanium composite steel, copper or aluminum, etc. This kind of tubing has high mechanical execution, high corrosion resistance, high weld-ability, high functional comfort, and high wellbeing. It amalgamates a surface covering innovation that has minimal expense and wide utilizable reach with a consumption opposing alloying method that has perfect construction and high tightness (no blowhole) of material; hence, it has high pertinence.

Carbon Steel Pipes & Its Uses:
Carbon Steel Pipes are the most commonly used material in all industries for process piping. It is liked because of its wide accessibility, high strength, and great weld-ability, for instance, screwed, socket-welded, and butt-welded. They are referred to as carbon steel pipes as carbon is the principal alloying component and its properties are characterized by how much carbon it has. Carbon Steel line ought to be chosen for the expected strength and sturdiness expected for the application actually looking at the prerequisite of Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, ductility, and machinability expected to go along with it. The pipe must withstand the pressure, temperature, and corrosion conditions of the application.  These prerequisites are met by choosing a pipe made to an appropriate ASTM or API standard.

In the API classifications you have the accompanying choices:

  1. API 5L GR B PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  2. API 5L GR X42 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  3. API 5L GR X46 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  4. API 5L GR X52 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  5. API 5L GR X56 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  6. API 5L GR X60 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  7. API 5L GR X65 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  8. API 5L GR X70 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  9. API 5L GR X80 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  10. API 5L GR X100 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  11. API 5L GR X120 PSL1/PSL2 Seamless & Welded Pipe

In the ASTM Categories you have the following options:

  1. ASTM A106 GR B Seamless & Welded Pipes
  2. ASTM A106 GR C Seamless & Welded Pipes
  3. Low Temp ASTM A333 GR 6 Seamless & Welded Pipes
  4. ASTM A671/A672 CB/CC 60/65/60 EFW Pipes.

Utilization and Applications:

Industries across the world in various fields utilize different carbon steel pipes in seamless/welded choices relying upon the utilization. Some of the utilization's are:

  1. Transporting Oil & Gas
  2. Drilling & Offshore Applications
  3. FPSOs & Building foundations
  4. High-Pressure Applications
  5. Transporting water & wastewater underground
  6. Chemical Processing
  7. Rigs Building

At Rexal Tubes, we offer a wide range of these carbon steel pipes alongside the specialized technical advice on what material will be appropriate contingent upon the utilization.